Aftermath of the 2005 election
Following the election, there were signs that the Veritas Party was beginning to fall apart. Members resigned, returned to UKIP or joined the English Democrats. On 12 July 2005 party member Ken Wharton announced that he intended to challenge Kilroy-Silk for the leadership, claiming party members were "not being looked after". Discontented party members set up the Veritas Members Association to "put the truth back into Veritas".

Kilroy-Silk resigned as party leader on 29 July 2005. In his resignation statement teacher jobs, he stated that "the electors are content with the old parties" and "I would be misleading the members of the party and the public if I pretended that we could make progress." David Soutter, who was chief-of-staff to Kilroy-Silk and campaign director, resigned his post.

Only 22% of Veritas members voted in the leadership election held in September 2005. Patrick Eston was the winner. Defeated leadership candidate Colin Brown resigned from the party in light of a poor turn out at the party's annual general meeting. In September 2005, Alan Ainscow became the new Tyres Party Chairman. All of the Veritas Members Association founding members -- Barrie Haycock, Ken Wharton, Liz Gilchrist, and Nick Bugden -- subsequently resigned.

In late 2005, the long-term future of the party kitchens London remained in doubt although Patrick Eston continued to seek alliances with other small political parties such as the New Party and the English Democrats. Patrick Eston is in kitchens talking with the minor England's Parliamentary Party leader Paul Gilbert.

A National Executive Committee (NEC) of nine unelected Veritas members was formed and held its first meeting in November 2005. Alan Ainscow resigned as Veritas Party chairman in that month.

In its annual awards for 2005, the Political Studies Association of British academics voted the party the 'political turkey' of the year.

In January 2006, Patrick Eston appointed Catherine Cracknell from Redruth in charge of Veritas Party administration. On 23 January 2006, Arthur D. Hodgson resigned as Veritas Party Chairman with immediate effect.