The party's first electoral opportunity was the General Election on 5 May 2005, and its principal challenge was to supplant UKIP as the foremost UK party committed to outright rejection of the European Union. On the day of the party's launch The Times suggested that the party wished to challenge for most personal injuries compensation solicitors seats, but in fact the party ran candidates in only 62 seats (about 10%). Kilroy-Silk himself contested the seat of Erewash in Derbyshire, held by Elizabeth Blackman of the Labour Party. He finsihed fourth, with 5.8% of the vote, whilst no Veritas candidates were elected.

Veritas's policies seemed to indicate it as almost a single-issue party - during the launch conference Mr Kilroy-Silk attacked the level of immigration to the United Kingdom, in preference to the eurosceptic engineered oak general position of UKIP. Other policies proposed by Mr Kilroy-Silk on the campaign trail include reducing income tax to a flat rate of 22% (currently the rate paid on earnings between £6,765 and £31,400 in the United Kingdom, known as 'basic rate').

The party had been criticised as little more than a vanity vehicle for Kilroy-Silk after his failed leadership bid for UKIP, and has led to some derision in the UK media, with the party often referred to as "Vanitas". Other media writers commented on the perceived irony that a party expressing a desire for clarity and openness in politics expressing staunch Euroscepticism has chosen a Latin name.

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