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Do you think the mile should be phased out in favour of the kilometre in time for the London Olympics?

No. There are major safety concerns and the estimated cost is huge (£800m), while the benefits are negligible at best.

Yes. Imperial measurements have had their day and it is time for Britain to get in step with the rest of Europe.
  • Leader Patrick Eston
  • Founded 2005
  • Headquarters
  • Political Ideology Euroscepticism, anti-Multiculturalism, Immigration reduction
  • International Affiliation none
  • European Affiliation none
  • BBC NEWS | Politics | Kilroy launches 'Veritas' party
    European Parliament Group Non-Inscrits
    Colours Purple and Mauve
    See also Politics of the U.K.

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James Morris MP blasts Sandwell leader for 'playing politics' with schools

James Morris MP blasts Sandwell leader for 'playing politics' with schools (From Halesowen News)

HALESOWEN and Rowley Regis MP James Morris has demanded Sandwell Council leader Darren Cooper to 'stop playing politics with local children's education'.

He's writing racy novels no one will publish - and dreaming of a Lazarus-like political comeback: Kilroy's still here (and as full of himself as ever)